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Liliies adjusting pregnant woman

Prenatal Chiropractic at
McGovern Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a safe form of healthcare during pregnancy. If you are an expecting mum, you know that comfort is one of your biggest concerns. Lilies McGovern has a special interest in providing chiropractic care for pregnant women and continues to broaden her knowledge and experience in prenatal care.

When to Begin

Many expecting mums wonder if there’s a certain point during their pregnancy that is best to start care. You can see a chiropractor through any stage of pregnancy. In fact, many patients weren’t pregnant when they began treatment, then later conceived and they continued their care until child birth. Lilies can provide care up until you welcome your baby.

When you’re pregnant, sleeping, eating, walking – everything you used to do with ease – can suddenly become difficult. You may experience issues such as

  • Back pain
  • Pelvic related pain
  • Joint pain

Discomfort in the pelvis is particularly common; in later stages since the baby puts quite a bit of pressure on this area but even in early trimester pain can occur due to pelvic ligament tension. Even a perfectly healthy pregnancy can still result in pain. Chiropractic may alleviate the tension and stress in your joints.

When you receive prenatal care, you can experience benefits such as an increase in relaxation and pain relief
Chiropractic helps to make sure the joints of your pelvis, hips and spine are moving as well as possible. We also help your body to work more efficiently thus resulting in pain relief and a more comfortable pregnancy.

How often does a pregnant patient need to come in?

The frequency of visits will vary from person to person. If you’re in pain when you begin, you’ll probably have a couple of treatments a week over the course of two to three weeks while reviewing during the sessions how your body responds. As you get better, your care will be adapted to your lifestyle as necessary. If you simply want a checkup and don’t have a specific complaint, your appointments will likely have a lower frequency.
What techniques do you use for prenatal care?

Lilies is trained in using the Webster Technique for expecting mums. She is also skilled in a variety of other techniques that can be used during your pregnancy, such as Sacro Occipital Technique®, which is designed to help realign your pelvis.
Do you have pregnancy pillows?

Yes. You can lie on what is called a Belloost® pillow. It’s designed with a space in the middle to accommodate mum’s tummy. You can lie facedown during treatment without any harm to the baby. Mums love that after months of being unable to lie on their tummy, they finally can!
Do you perform an examination before I get adjusted?

Yes. Lilies is extremely thorough in her approach to each patient, so you’ll be given a comprehensive evaluation.
Do you have particular training in prenatal care?

Yes. Lilies does regular continuing education courses, and she has focused largely on prenatal care. You’ll love the wealth of experience she has in assisting you.

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